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In our long history, Immanuel Lutheran School has become well-known for its academic excellence.  In addition to providing a safe learning environment, year after year students become more prepared for what lies ahead in their lives.  Over a century of alumni and their parents can provide testament to the educational foundation that Immanuel Lutheran School provides its students.  However, as an educational institution, we must also strive to grow and evolve over time.  The National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) is an organization that evaluates our standards, our learning environment and our progress.  Please read some of the excerpts from our last recommendation for Accreditation. 

NLSA National Lutheran School Accreditation

Excerpts from Visiting Team Report

Recommendation for Accreditation

It is with great respect, joy, and humility that our Visiting Team unanimously recommends Immanuel Lutheran School in Bristol, Connecticut for re-accreditation through the Ongoing Improvement process of National Lutheran School Accreditation. Immanuel is obviously a fine school and takes seriously the fulfillment of the Great Commission and their educational purposes. It is our prayer that your district accreditation commission will affirm and approve this recommendation, and that the National Accreditation Commission will award it in August 2002.


Outstanding Strengths

In the opinion of our Visiting Team, Immanuel Lutheran School has a number of outstanding strengths. We would like to summarize those we particularly noted during our brief visit.


Immediately noticeable upon our arrival and evident through our visit is Immanuel's climate of Christian love. This is obvious in many ways: the number of volunteers who have been serving this school faithfully for decades, the longevity of the faculty and their mutual protectiveness and love, the natural affection among school constituents from staff to parents to PTO to students, and the comfortable teamwork where each person is valued equally.

Another marvelous strength is the physical plant. Immanuel is blessed with a number of buildings, each of which is used to its best advantage. Classrooms are large, bright and airy, and each one broadcasts clearly that Christ is worshiped and loved there. Even basement areas have been made bright and appealing. In one building, a special "Hannah's Room" has been added so that families feel welcome at church with their babies and toddlers. A well-cared-for gymnasium is used for sports and drama, and there is a kitchen for preparing Hot Lunch. There is evidence of ongoing improvement/renovation that will continue to make Immanuel a family-friendly place.


Immanuel's congregation demonstrates generous financial support of their school, and a tangible trust that the school makes wise fiscal decisions. The principal and teachers are encouraged to make purchases as needed without having to request permission for each one. In response, teachers' expenditures are respectfully reasonable.


We were happy to observe at Immanuel a unity and mutuality of Church and School vision. The congregation places high priority on its school and considers the school's mission integral to its own. The school views its purpose as one with that of the congregation.

God has also called to Immanuel Lutheran School a strong, Lutheran Staff. All but four school staff members are Lutheran and nineteen of twenty-one Lutherans are LCMS. All classroom teachers are Lutheran. The Senior Pastor (we did not visit with the Associate Pastor), the principal, and the teachers are emphatic about the importance of Lutheran doctrine and confirmation at their school.


The parents to whom we spoke were unanimous in their praise of the school.

They particularly noted its fine academic program, its caring environment, the security their children feel here, and the abiding love of the staff.

We are also awed by the number of services Immanuel Lutheran School receives free from the Bristol community. Immanuel's staff and students benefit from the services of a nurse, a health aide to do annual hearing, speech and scoliosis screening, and even a dental hygienist to clean their teeth! Also provided from tax dollars are bus transportation, student educational psychological assessments, free or reduced cost lunches, Title II funds for reading, science and math, Title IV funds for drug-free education, and Title VI funds for technology. They can also access public library services and free speech therapy for students.

There is no doubt that Immanuel Lutheran School has a strong educational and ministry vision for the future. The goals that Immanuel has selected for their School Improvement Plan are relevant, timely, and will fulfill documented needs of Immanuel's students. The students, moreover, are excited about their implementation.

In closing, please let us reiterate that we found Immanuel Lutheran School to be an impressive example of how wonderful school ministry can be when the people of God work selflessly, harmoniously, and faithfully to fulfill His Will. May God continue to bless and expand your many marvelous ministries! Thank you for the opportunity to be a temporary part of the eternal blessing you are in your community. God's grace and peace to you all!

National Lutheran School Accreditation Team Captain

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