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Curriculum and Standards

Focus on Education

Immanuel Lutheran School provides comprehensive and quality educational instruction for pre-school children and students in grades K-8.  Curriculum standards and learning objectives have been developed using not only national and Connecticut state public education curriculum standards but the curriculum standards for the Lutheran parochial school system, as well. You could say that we have the best of all three worlds!

In conjunction with public school system education consultants, we have developed curriculum outlines that challenge both teacher and student! The scope of learning in the core subjects is aggressive while we also take pride in "Integrating the Faith" into the daily curriculum. On a 5-year evaluation cycle, all curriculum standards are regularly assessed and revised to accomodate changes in teaching and learning!

Content standards, teaching materials used, enrichment activities and assessment tools deployed for math, language arts,  science, social studies, U.S. history/civics/geography all meet with standards set for State of Connecticut approval and National Lutheran School Association (NLSA) accreditation.

Over a century of learning has allowed Immanuel Lutheran School to fine-tune its focus on educational standards to produce well-educated, well-prepared ILS graduates.  Contact us today for more information about Immanuel Lutheran School, or to schedule a personal tour of the school campus.


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