Immanuel Lutheran is becoming the vibrant and visionary school in central Connecticut.   We provide an innovative, integrated curriculum designed to educate and empower the next generation of Christian adults. Our rigorous coursework challenges every student in the context of their own interests. Our caring school community supports students’ dreams and encourages the development of talents and gifts. Our focus on Christian values allow students to learn, work, play and live with confidence in their faith. Our students graduate with a strong dedication to academic excellence and a strong personal relationship with Christ.

Immanuel Lutheran School’s Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet each child at his or her individual level. It guides our students through the full spectrum of early childhood development using brain-based research and developmentally appropriate strategies. Creative Curriculum is used as a guide and method of assessment to determine student growth. Movement breaks are frequent in the PK classrooms. Our youngest students learn through play and activities that promote learning and social interaction. They learn their letters and how to form them. They also learn the letters’ names and sounds to begin to string together words. Number is also addressed in the PK curriculum. Fun daily activities such as calendar, a variety of artwork, table activities, and games help children with counting and number sense. Our PK classrooms are lively and engaging.

In addition to early literacy and math skills, Pre-Kindergarten children have the opportunity to explore basic science concepts. Social studies concepts are integrated into literacy activities, centers, and stories read to the class. Music, PE, Visual Art, Theater Arts, and Library are all scheduled parts of the Pre-Kindergarten week. The teachers in these areas may push into the PK classroom rather than moving the children to a different location depending on the activity planned.

Elementary Language Arts

Immanuel Lutheran School’s Language Arts curriculum focuses on building and refining skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. We strive to inspire and guide students to become creative and critical thinkers, independent learners, effective communicators, and lovers of their favorite genre. Our students read to learn and read for pleasure. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ ability to utilize grammar, usage and mechanics effectively, to read with stamina and enthusiasm, to discriminate and question; and to engage students in exploration. Lively discussions, public speaking, research, writing, and collaborative group assignments prepare students for high school and beyond.

Mathematics K-8
Our student mathematicians investigate challenging questions that reflect real-world multifaceted problems. Our mathematics program emphasizes procedural fluency, conceptual understanding, problem-solving strategies and methods of reasoning as equally essential aspects of mathematical proficiency. Realistic and complex problems are woven throughout our curriculum, challenging each student to advance to new levels of mathematical sophistication. Students experience mathematics as a subject that involves a diverse array of thinking skills.
Science K-8
Immanuel Lutheran School’s student scientists are independent, confident and scientifically informed. The curriculum encourages deep and thorough investigation of scientific principles. Students are encouraged to question their world and apply critical thinking skills to solve real-world interdisciplinary problems. Immanuel Lutheran students are able to confidently communicate their values and defend their hypothesis with research and data collection.
Elementary Social Studies
Through an interdisciplinary lens, Immanuel Lutheran School’s student historians make sense of the past, examine contemporary issues, and develop valuable leadership skills. Our students are encouraged to envision and continuously reassess their roles as citizens and leaders. This history of human societies is examined through multiple perspectives. This critical look at the humanity and its major patterns not only creates excitement about the study of history and its related subjects, but also assists in expanding our students’ analytical-thinking skills.
Health K-8
Foundations in Health and Wellness is an innovative and collaborative program that emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of health and wellness related issues that affect the physical and psycho-social development. The course encourages and supports students in their journey to develop critical thinking skills and self-reflection in a manner that fosters self-advocacy and informed decision-making. Through differentiated instruction, interdisciplinary learning and student-centered teaching approaches, students participate in class discussions, small group activities and role plays. At each tier of the program, students are encouraged to develop and enhance their innate leadership capacities and voice.
General Music PK-8
Every Immanuel Lutheran School student is actively engaged in music through our general music classes. We are dedicated to providing our students with general music study as well as a wide range of instrumental and choral performance opportunities. Our young musicians compose, create, and perform original pieces in General Music classes. They study a variety of music genres and composers, such as Johan Sabastian Bach, a most well-known Lutheran. Our curriculum prepares students for further music study. It also fosters a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.
Instrumental Music 2-8
The Instrumental Music Program begins in Grade 2 at Immanuel Lutheran School. Students are able to select an instrument of interest and work with our music teacher before and after school to master their craft. Selections may include wind, percussion, or string instruments. Students build skills and confidence through collaborative group experiences, solo, or small group ensembles. Instrumental students are eligible to participate in Northern Regionals. They are also frequently invited to perform in church.
Vocal Music
Immanuel Lutheran School’s Vocal Music Program is known for beautiful performances that deliver an important message. Their sweet voices touch those who hear them. In the 2016-17 school year, Immanuel Lutheran School children were invited to sing with the Bristol Brass and Wind, an honor rarely given to children’s groups. They also sang at a New Britain Bees game, for various groups meeting at the church and school, as a chorus in church on seven different occasions, all in addition to winter and spring school concerts. Our students participate in Northern Regionals and are members of the Connecticut Junior Honors Chorus.
The Bell Choir is a special music ensemble for middle school students. Under the direction of an accomplished director, the students perform complex 12-part compositions that wow audiences at special events. They are truly amazing to hear and see! The Bell Choir practices weekly during the school day. They often perform during chapel services as well.
Visual Art K-8
Visual Art provides a program that offers students an opportunity to build skills, express ideas and to become visually literate and aesthetically aware. Our curriculum focuses on cultivating an understanding of design, the development of both traditional and technology-based artistic skills, and stimulation of visual and creative thinking. Our art curriculum will continue to offer drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, but this year we are adding technology-based graphic design.
World Language 5-8
World Language is new for the 2017-2018 school year. Students will learn a new language of their choosing in a blended format. This combines online learning with real-world experiences. Humans learn language first by hearing it and listening for understanding, then attempting to speak and be understood. With phonemic and grammatical concepts already known in English at the middle school level, reading and writing a newly spoken language expedited. Knowing how to communicate in another language is an essential element of an excellent 21st-century education. The study of language includes gaining insights into different global perspectives and cultures. Our new World Language offering meets the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, which include communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.
Physical Education K-8
The goal of physical education at Immanuel Lutheran School is to develop physically-educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. It provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to establish and sustain physical activity as a key component of their lifestyle throughout their lifetime. The ILS physical education curriculum provides students with essential skills and knowledge through a broad and thorough curriculum that is sequential, innovative and age appropriate. Our curriculum meets the standards and guidelines as described by the, Society of Health and Physical Educators.
Theater Arts K-8
Theater Arts at Immanuel Lutheran School encourages cooperation, effort, self-reliance and a healthy respect for the process of creative self-expression. The ILS Theater Arts Program reinforces the importance of the individual creative viewpoint. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities to create and present theater expressions. In addition to weekly Theater Arts classes, students have the option of participating in theater performances on our stage for a broad audience.
Technology Integration

Technology is used throughout the curriculum in nearly every content area. Classrooms Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 have interactive whiteboards and devices for student use are available in every K-8 classroom. As the building is Wi-Fi enabled, iPads and Chromebooks are used regularly for instructional purposes. In addition to all students having access to a state-of-the art computer lab, technology is also used in the classroom setting. Kindergarten through Grade 2 students utilize iPads in classroom learning centers, while Grades 3 and 4 use Chromebooks in a 1:1 classroom setting. Students in Grades 3 and 4 are given an Immanuel Lutheran School Google account to use tools within the classroom as assigned. These tools allow students to connect with academic pages and access Drive for file storage and collaboration. they also allow for academic tools and programs that are only available online.

Our Middle School 1:1 program issues a Chromebook for each student to have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire school year. Students are expected to have their completely charged Chromebooks at school each day ready to use at any given time. Immanuel Lutheran School also maintains a state-of-the art computer lab for use at any time. Middle School students are given an Immanuel Lutheran School Google account to access primary learning and communication tools. These tools allow students to have access to research topics, access Drive for file storage and collaboration, and communicate with teachers and peers regarding their studies as well as school-related activities and events via Gmail.

Middle School Humanities
Humanities is a middle school course that combines Language Arts skills and standards while exploring classical Social Studies content and Historical and current topics. Middle school students are able to construct knowledge through research and investigation. Students are also able to share their findings and discoveries through accurate oral presentations and publishable written pieces.
The Library

The Library enhances the curriculum and serves all students and their teachers from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8. Students come to the library once a week for a scheduled class and to check out books and enjoy browsing through periodicals. The library is also used throughout the year to complete research projects.  The library offerings encourage and inspire students to read for knowledge and for pleasure. During library classes, younger students listen to and participate in story times, learn library skills. Older students refine library and research techniques. The library is staffed by volunteers who work with classroom teachers to create integrated lessons that enrich and deepen classroom curriculum.

The library provides an environment which is conducive to individual study, while providing additional space for small group work and tutoring. In addition to its information resources, the library maintains collections in a variety of genres for both Elementary and Middle School students, as well as a selection of periodicals for recreational reading and browsing.