Helping Ministry

There is no greater thrill than getting that one special present at Christmas, right?

But for some in our Bristol, Connecticut community, and in other surrounding communities, there are no gifts.  In fact, for many children in Connecticut there are no coats, no hats, no scarves, no socks, no boots and no mittens for what we all know is a bitterly cold New England Winter.

Immanuel Lutheran Church responded to this real need many years ago through our Warm-a-Child program. Church members take cut-out paper mittens hung as ornaments from a tree and purchase the item listed on the mitten and return it wrapped to the tree before Christmas with the paper mitten attached.  We’ve learned that these gifts are often the only gifts some children receive on Christmas morning.  What a blessing this program has been!

Our Helping Ministry was born first, for the same reasons.  Some families come upon tough times – job loss, illness – and there isn’t enough money to keep the heat on.  Donations made through Immanuel Lutheran Church’s Helping Ministry go to benefit families who are faced with unexpected circumstances.

The Helping Ministry is also instrumental in conducting Food Drives that benefit local soup kitchens and in raising funds that buy food, bedding and supplies for local women’s and families shelters.  100% of all funds donated to Immanuel Lutheran Church’s Helping Ministry are placed back into the community.  A relationship with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has allowed us to at times double the donations coming in through a matching funds program!

The Prayer Shawl Ministry, organized by the Women of Immanuel, crafts hand-knit shawls to give to people who are hospitalized, homebound or under rehabilitation or treatment.  This is such a great gift during times of sickness or loneliness.  Each prayer shawl delivery is another opportunity to provide spiritual support and comfort.

What would we do without the love, prayers and dedicated efforts of church groups such as these!   Learn how you can contribute in some way through one of these charitable groups.

Helping Hands Ministry and Warm a Child

Our helping ministry helps to support the Bristol community. In the fall they collect clothing and school supplies for various community groups in need. In the winter, they sponsor food drives to collect food for the local shelters and food kitchens. The group also sponsors a mitten tree to buy clothing for less fortunate families at Christmas time. The group began in 1980.

Women of Immanuel

Women of Immanuel provides women an opportunity for active participation in Christian service. The organization fosters Christian fellowship; contributes to projects locally and throughout the world. We support the mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) by collecting Mites for Mission Grants. The Prayer Shawl Ministry gives hand-knit shawls to people who are hospitalized, homebound or have lost a loved one. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of March, June, September and December the old school basement (OSB). Meetings include a devotion and program covering a variety of interests. In addition to Christian fellowship, we contribute to several church, community and projects worldwide. All women of Immanuel Lutheran Church are encouraged to join us at any monthly gathering to become acquainted with our group and are welcome to become members of Women of Immanuel.

Orphan Grain Train

Orphan Grain Train is a Christian volunteer network that ships donated food, clothing, medical and other needed items to people in 65 different countries including the USA. Of every dollar spent, 97% goes for helping people in need. A very lean 3% goes for administration and fundraising. Immanuel Lutheran Church is heavily involved in this mission. Donations have included everything from shoes to pews. The OGT Northeast Region warehouse is in Terryville. Follow this link to keep informed on local OGT activities.

Baby Bottles

Once a year members of our congregation fill baby bottles with change to help support the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Unionville.

Parish Nurse

Our Volunteer Parish Nurse is Roberta Kuhr. Roberta aides our members by visiting the sick and homebound members along with Pastor Karner. She also organizes health and safety events, and monitors the caring for our congregational families and called staff.