Meadow Street Garden Club

Students at Immanuel Lutheran School have been getting their hands dirty and learning about God’s creation through gardening. The club maintains a garden at the corner of the gymnasium entrance. Caterpillars, collected each fall for classrooms to witness their amazing transformations, are released into the garden. Vegetables grown in the garden are available to the neighborhood.

Cross Country

Students in grades 2-8 are able to participate in Cross Country Team practice at Immanuel Lutheran School. This fall sport practices on the school grounds and at nearby Rockwell Park. Team members in grades 6-8 are able to participate in Cross Country meets.


Students of all ages are able to participate on Immanuel’s Golf Team. Participants practice putting and chipping on school grounds. Trips to driving ranges and golf courses occur later in the fall season. Students become familiar with the integrity of the game of golf, the rules and nuances of the game, and golf etiquette.

Odyssey of the Mind

OM is an organized long-term problem-solving activity that focuses on teamwork and creativity. Immanuel allows as many teams as possible to compete in the state meet in the spring. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are able to compete at the state competition in their age divisions against other teams from across the state. Our students are the model OM team members. They work well with others, problem solve, and strive to succeed on a daily basis.

Connecticut Invention Convention

Students at Immanuel are encouraged to participate in the Connecticut Invention Convention. The competition is an opportunity for students to think creatively and invent something that helps society. The inventions are displayed, explained, and judged at the spring competition at UCONN. The top award at the Invention Convention includes free patent work from a Connecticut law firm to secure an official patent for their invention.

Singing to Spread the Word

Immanuel Lutheran School students have wonderful voices. They practice their unified sound daily at the morning opening. To showcase their talent, and to spread awareness of the school and church, students have sung in many venues. In addition to local minor sporting events, the students recently were asked to sing with the Bristol Brass and Wind. Their message is clear.

Craft and Art Clubs

Students are able to participate in Craft and Art Clubs during the winter months. Projects follow the seasons or special timely events. Students are able to start and end a project within one session. Clubs are announced and finished model projects are presented to show students what they will accomplish in each session.